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TFC Update - The Eyes Have It

Telli's eye looked better this morning, but she was still winky/squinty. So I rounded her up and put her in the carrier. As soon as we got to the vet, she kept her eyes wide open. Of course. Because we can't make it easy, can we? I bet that cost her some pain to keep it open, but she was scared and not about to let anyone or anything sneak up on her. Several hours after treatment, she is still keeping the eye partly closed, but it is open more than it was last night. So, back to the story.

The vet tech came in with a big, thick blanket (they learned their lesson from last time) and wrapped TFC in it and kind of held her down with only her head poking out. The vet checked out both eyes. She put some drops in and checked out the eye under a black-light, but she didn't see anything. The vet did say there was some inflammation, so I wasn't dreaming that the area under her eye was swollen. It's hard to tell with all the fur. Telli got antibiotic ointment squirted in both eyes and I took her home. She runs away every time I walk into a room that she's in.

Apparently this veterinarian clinic has a mascot cat. It's white and long-haired, with blue eyes that are almost crossed. It's a funny looking cat - it's also pretty fat. He came wandering into the exam room while I was waiting for the vet. While I was waiting to pay, he came out front and jumped up onto the counter. There were three big dogs in the waiting area, but this cat was cool under pressure and didn't even seem to notice that it was outnumbered.

I took TFC home and went out again for a while. When I pulled into the driveway, there was a squirrel on my deck railing ... and a fat white cat stalking it. The cat didn't run when I walked up to it and I noticed it had the same half-crossed blue eyes and pinched looking face. It looked like the same exact cat. Cat cloning? Hmmm? I really need a digital camera or at least a camera phone. Now that I've figured out how to post pictures (sort of) I need to take some so that you can all see what I see. Wow. Won't that be fun?

Ahhhh - the Rat-a-tat-cat post. That was the first post I read on your blog OMG what I was LOL-ing!!

Smart vet to use the blanket. I bet the place went on High Alert when you and Telli came in the building *hehehe*

Cats are not here to make life easy for you. You are here to serve them, y'know.

Yeah ... I want to read your ... struggle??.. with a camera phone or digital camera.

Cool pic of of you aka TFC :)

Lizze, I don't think they remembered me! (shock!) Maybe I'm not the only person in the world with a crazed, freaked-out cat. I told the girl that TFC would fight (and she gave a nasty hiss at that moment) and that she had to be sedated. So she said, "Oh, I'll just get the blanket." It was as thick as a sleeping bag - no way TFC could bite or scratch her through that.

This morning (very very early Sunday) her eye looks better and is open more and she has stopped running away every time I walk into a room :)

OMG! I'm laughing out loud after reading this post and the other one. I just imagined TFC scratching the vet LOL! The trouble a pet gives... Thats why I don't have one. Though I want a dog, but only if it can bath, feed and go for a walk all by itself.

Slim, how about a goldfish?

Sounds like a good idea... Only if I could stop myself from *accidently* eating him. Also, I'd have to feed it. Or are there any type of goldfish that can survive on water?

I'm a big fan of pictures. Glad TFC is better. Going to the vet is always an adventure.

Or maybe there are worse cats then TFC? *shudder*

Glad she is better ... maybe I should have her over Xmas (I live in a pet friendly block of flats)? So what does she prefer UPS, DHL, Fed-Ex or even USPS? ;)

Lizze, she prefers United Airlines, first class. And believe me, it's worth the expense to get rid .... um .... to cheer up a friend :)

Slim, I'm buying you a stuffed animal. Try not to flush it down the toilet or run it over with the car.

And did no one notice my new cool rotating quotes?

Oh, a stuffed animal sounds cool. I was getting tired of the pillow... if you know what I mean.

I noticed the rotating quotes only after you mentioned it :P. "Burn, motherfucker, burn". I want to see a "Die motherfucker die!!!"

I'm so immature .. that song line always makes me laugh. It's from "the roof is on fire" by the Bloodhound Gang

What rotating quotes?

Hmmmm ... I am on United's milage club and this might just take to Economy Plus .... hmmmmmm

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